Creating unique handmade books.  

MORACK STUDIOS is breaking the mainstream concepts of what art “should be” by designing Repurposed Book Art. It protests the commonplace, every day, aesthetics of art in today’s society by using mundane objects that people would ordinarily consider disposable — like cereal boxes, photography/art books, maps, scrap leather and magazines. Assembling these objects with fine papers and historical book binding skills in an unexpected manner challenges the very nature of art. You never quite know what you are going to get, but we promise it will open your mind.


Madeleine Morack


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Coptic Stitch - Coptic binding or Coptic sewing comprises methods of bookbinding developed by early Christians in Egypt, the Copts, used from as early as the 2nd century AD to the 11th century. The Coptic binding allows the book to lay open flat making it very easy to write or draw in.

Coptic Stitch Binding

Coptic Stitch Binding

Long Stitch - There are many different bindings that fall under the category of long-stitch, but most are distinguishable by long stitches that attach signatures directly to the cover.

Longstitch with a chain stitch. This particular sewing method is very old and originated in Germany as early as the medieval era. The sections are sewn directly through holes in the cover material, with two sections being sewn through each row of holes. This allows the creation of a chain stitch at the first and last sewing stations.

Longstitch through a slotted cover involves sewing each section directly through the cover where slots have been made on the spine. This sewing method creates a staggered line pattern visible on the spine. This type of longstitch was used as early as the 18th century in some parts of Europe, and possibly earlier.

Long Stitch Binding

Long Stitch Binding

Secret Belgian Binding - Secret Belgian binding is made using three separate pieces: front cover, back cover, and spine piece. The covers are attached by sewing through holes on the cover boards and passing over and under the spine piece. The previously sewn textblock is attached when the threads that pass under the spine piece also pass through the stitches on the spine of the textblock. The spine piece is held in place only by these threads passing over and under it. It creates an interesting thread pattern on the cover and it is a very sturdy binding that allows the book to open completely flat.

Secret Belgian Binding

Secret Belgian Binding


Bookbinding combines skills from other trades such as paper and fabric crafts, leather work, model making, and graphic arts. It requires knowledge about numerous varieties of book structures along with all the internal and external details of assembly. A working knowledge of the materials involved is required. A book craftsman needs a minimum set of hand tools but with experience will find an extensive collection of secondary hand tools and even items of heavy equipment that are valuable for greater speed, accuracy, and efficiency.